Channel your Alter Ego in the right context


  1. Discover your Core Self.
    Set aside quiet time to reflect on your truest desires, dreams, and aspirations. Ask yourself: What matters most to me? What do I feel connected to? What motivates me on a larger scale rather than just myself?
  2. Recognize your beliefs.
    List down your core beliefs about yourself, others, and the world. For each belief, ask: "Is this belief empowering or limiting me?" If it's the latter, learn to challenge those beliefs.
  3. Identify your habits.
    Observe your daily habits and routines. Highlight those that elevate you and note down those that hold you back. Consider making changes to the latter.
  4. Understand Your identity.
    Think about the labels and descriptors you associate with your identity. Do they align with your Core Self? If they are limiting, consider how you might reshape that identity.
  5. Construct an Alter Ego.
    Imagine an enhanced version of yourself that possesses all the qualities and traits you admire. Name this version and visualize it. Think of this Alter Ego as a trusted ally in challenging situations.
  6. Select a field of play.
    Pinpoint a specific area or scenario in your life (e.g., work, social gatherings) where you wish to channel your Alter Ego. This will be where you practice stepping into this empowered version of yourself.
  7. Be intentional with your characteristics.
    For your chosen field of play, list down the traits or qualities you want to exhibit. Before entering that scenario, take a moment to mentally gear up. Remind yourself of these characteristics and channel your Alter Ego.


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