Act ethically - but not naively - as you seek success


  1. Pick the right people to work with
    When you’ve been offered a job at a company, take time to study the people in the organization. When you go for an interview, ask to talk to the person who’ll be your immediate boss and assess their personality. If they’re a nice person, then they’ll influence you positively. If they are a jerk, reflect on whether that’s the kind of person you want to work under.

  2. Engage in a bit of self-promotion to get yourself noticed by the boss
    Let’s say you’re the type that doesn’t like tooting your own horn. You can send your boss an email every Friday summarizing all you’ve accomplished throughout the week. Keep it short but accurate. When it comes time to negotiate a raise or promotion, you can use these emails as a reminder of why you deserve to move up the corporate ladder.

  3. Moderate your giving and don’t sacrifice yourself needlessly
    If you want to help people, then schedule a chunk of your time and devote it to doing good deeds. For example, volunteer your time and energy one day every week instead of helping people randomly every day.

  4. Show goodwill the first time around but punish the other person if they misbehave
    As a Giver, be the first to show goodwill to others. Send that new neighbor or colleague a fruit basket as a welcome gift. However, if you notice that they take from you without ever reciprocating, stop being nice to them. Warn your colleagues or neighbors that they are a Taker. This will force the person to rethink their selfish behavior.

  5. Forgive others even after a betrayal
    In most cases, you don’t have all the information about why someone is acting selfishly. Learn to forgive others, especially if they show that they’re willing to change their behavior.


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