Achieve flow in the present moment


  1. Identify activities that make you feel completely absorbed and focused.
    Take a moment to reflect on when you usually experience that "flow" state. What activities make you lose track of time and fully engage your attention? These are the activities that bring you gratification and a deep sense of fulfillment.
  2. Prioritize and schedule dedicated time for these activities in your daily routine.
    Recognize the importance of these gratifying activities for your overall happiness and well-being. Set aside specific time slots in your schedule to ensure you make room for them. Treat these scheduled activities as important commitments to yourself.
  3. Stick to your schedule. Once you've allocated time for your gratifying activities, make a conscious effort to honor those commitments. Treat them as non-negotiables and avoid making excuses or putting them off. Remember that engaging in these activities will contribute to your long-term happiness and fulfillment.
  4. Fully immerse yourself in the chosen activities. When the scheduled time comes, be present and fully engaged in the activity. Let go of distractions and be mindful of the experience. Allow yourself to enter that state of flow where you can fully utilize your skills and strengths, and feel the joy of being absorbed in the activity.
  5. Reflect on the impact of these gratifying activities on your overall well-being. After engaging in these activities, take some time to reflect on how they made you feel. Notice the positive effects they have on your mood, energy levels, and overall happiness. Recognize the value of incorporating more of these activities into your life. Write your reflections down.


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