Achieve what you desire.

When you expect the best, you use the law of attraction to bring the best to you. However, when you expect the worst, you release from your mind the power of repulsion which will bring the worst to you. Work hard at what you believe in and you will achieve what you desire. Remember, life cannot deny itself to the person who gives life their all.


  1. Expect the best.
    Whenever you are trying to achieve something, think about the best possible outcome and expect that to occur.

  2. Throw yourself into your task completely.
    Leave no room for hesitation or self-doubt, simply immerse yourself in your task and hold nothing back.

  3. When you begin to doubt your ability to achieve, tell yourself, “I can do it.”
    You can also write “I can do it” down on a post-it and stick it somewhere where you will see it everyday. This will condition your mind to believe it and eliminate self-doubt.


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