Abide in God's word


  1. ** Read the Bible daily.**
    Use a daily Bible reading plan to ensure you read the Bible regularly.
  2. ** Research and study the Bible.**
    Ask questions about the text and write down your insights to ensure your understanding of it.
  3. ** Keep the Bible verses that resonate well with you.**
    Select a few Bible verses and write them down on a small card to carry with you. Review them aloud throughout the day.
  4. ** Reflect on the Bible.**
    Take the time to contemplate God's truth and seriously reflect on the example of Christ.
  5. ** Become a doer of the word.**
    Write out an action step as a result of reading or studying, or reflecting on God's Word. Discuss one's personal applications with other people.
  6. ** Practice habits over time.**
    Repetition is the mother of character and skill. Keep following the word of God and performing godly habits. Eventually, they will become a part of your life.


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