Change your micro-processes to achieve success


  1. ** Reflect on your beliefs, biases, and bullshit.*
    Take the time to think about the beliefs, biases, and bullsh
    t that are preventing you from achieving your goals. Write them all down.
  2. ** Write down the processes that will help you break free from the self-imposed prison of your 3B.*
    How will you eliminate the beliefs, biases, and bullsh
    t that are hindering you from achieving your goals?
  3. ** Make sure your processes are transcendent.**
    Are your processes effective today and will they remain effective in the future?
  4. ** Reject the shortcut scam.**
    The shortcut scam is commonly seen in infomercials, diet gurus, financial independence programs, and pharmaceutical companies. Falling prey to this scam can prevent you from reaching your full potential, leaving you stuck in mediocrity and hindering your personal growth. So if you want to achieve greatness, reject this idea that extraordinary results can be achieved without hard work and late nights.


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