Recharge your batteries


  1. ** Schedule some alone time in your day.**
    Make sure to set aside some time each day to be alone with your thoughts. This could be 10 minutes before bed or a few minutes in the morning.
  2. ** Try journaling.**
    Journaling can help you sort through your thoughts and give your brain a chance to process things. Make sure to do this without any distractions, such as a TV, cell phone, or radio.
  3. ** Practice meditation and mindfulness exercises.**
    Meditation and mindfulness exercises can help you calm your racing thoughts and relax. Look into the various types of meditation, such as mindfulness, transcendental, and guided meditation, and find out which could be the best match for you. Try to do this for a few minutes each morning.
  4. ** Do enjoyable activities by yourself.**
    Going to the movies or watching a concert by yourself can be a great way to spend time alone. Don't feel guilty about doing things by yourself.


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