Infuse gameplay into your life


  1. Take a different route home.
    Break the monotony of your daily commute by intentionally choosing a different route to get home. Explore alternate streets, take public transportation, or stroll through unfamiliar neighborhoods. This simple action will infuse a sense of novelty and excitement into your routine.
  2. Challenge yourself with mini-quests.
    Spice up your day by setting small, achievable challenges to keep your mind active and entertained. This will stimulate your problem-solving abilities and ignite your creativity.
  3. Create a game at the mall.
    Transform your mall visit into an adventure by inventing a game to play while you browse the stores. For instance, challenge yourself to find specific items within a time limit or create a point system based on the number of unique fashion styles you spot.
  4. Describe alternate uses for an object.
    Pick an object in the room and describe as many uses for the object as you can think of, other than the uses for which it’s intended.
  5. Write an online dating profile for your pet.
    Allow your imagination to run wild by crafting an online dating profile for your beloved pet. Channel your creativity to write a humorous and offbeat description, showcasing your pet's unique personality traits in a way that will leave potential suitors amused.
  6. Indulge in time travel fantasies.
    Transport yourself into the realm of time travel and let your imagination soar. Envision where you would journey first, imagine the essentials you would bring along, and even fantasize about capturing a selfie with a historical figure.
  7. Come up with ten new dishes.
    Channel your inner chef and challenge yourself to invent ten original dishes featuring your favorite ingredient. Experiment with flavors, textures, and cooking techniques to create unique culinary masterpieces.
  8. Write a story using the alphabet.
    Stretch your storytelling skills by writing a story where each sentence begins with a different letter of the alphabet. Challenge yourself to maintain coherence while navigating through all the letters. This exercise will ignite your creativity and hone your ability to think on your feet.
  9. Create movie titles.
    Engage your creative flair by generating movie titles inspired by the first object you spot in the room in the following genres: Western, Action, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Oscar-Worthy Drama.


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