Be a producer, not a consumer


  1. Set your “Millionaire Fastlane” goal.
    Perhaps you’re 18 right now and want to be financially free by 25, or you’re 30 and want to retire by 36. Remember that taking the Fastlane means creating your wealth fast, so erase your doubts and believe you can achieve your goals with the right approach!

  2. Brainstorm business ideas that will help you achieve your goal.
    Be wealthy by becoming a producer. You can build a cellphone, create a website, develop a medicine, write a book, and then sell them to million-dollar companies! The ideas of what to produce are everywhere—you just need to spot them.

  3. Choose one business idea to work on.
    Make sure your idea can survive time, can be replicated, and can earn even after you’re done creating it. Writing a book, for example, can still give you income passively, even after it was published years ago. Similarly, creating software and selling it to million-dollar companies can also generate big bucks!


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