Work hard to become either a high-skilled worker or a superstar to increase your value.

The economy is changing due to advances in technology, and low-level jobs are either being automated or outsourced to remote locations. Cal Newport says that the aforementioned three groups will thrive in our changing economy. Since this book is intended for people who are not wealthy yet, you should aim to become a superstar or high-skilled worker and eventually work your way up to being an owner.


  1. Be a high-skilled worker.
    High-skilled workers are people who can work with intelligent machines and produce fast results. For example, data analytics, visualization, rapid prototyping, etc. are high-level skills. Focus on developing your high-level skills, and you will be more valuable.
  2. Be a superstar.
    Even if you don’t work with intelligent machines, you can climb to the top by becoming the best in your field. A hundred mediocre people combined cannot produce something that a master can produce. For example, only the best musicians sign million-dollar deals. Work towards becoming the best in your field, and you will be extremely valuable.
  3. Work your way up to being an owner.
    Owners are people who have the capital to invest in new technologies such as Instagram or Uber. You can get help from investing platforms like One Thousand Angels that offer select investing opportunities. Owners are the most valuable people out there.
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