Use the six-level model to review your work.

This model will provide you with a useful framework around which you can structure your tasks. It will help you define your work and priorities so you know what to work on and when to work on it.


  1. The ground level.
    This consists of your current actions. This is the list of all the actions you need to take right now, whether it’s a phone call you need to make, an email you need to write, etc.
    The next five levels are referred to as “horizons.”
  2. Horizon 1: your current projects.
    This refers to your short-term goals.
  3. Horizon 2: your area of focus and accountabilities.
    These refer to the broad areas you want to achieve success in, whether professional or personal. For example, the areas of market research, customer service, asset management, family, and spirituality come under this horizon. Identify and list these areas. Frequently review them to see the progress you’re making in each area.
  4. Horizon 3: your goals.
    Identify and list what you want to achieve in the next one or two years. These goals can be personal or professional. Work toward achieving these goals.
  5. Horizon 4: your vision.
    What is your three- to five-year goal? Perhaps it’s an organization strategy you wish to implement in your business, or a familial milestone you wish to accomplish. Think about your vision and identify it as soon as you can so you can begin to work toward it.
  6. Horizon 5: your purpose and principles.
    Why does your company exist? Why do you exist? What is your purpose? Identify this and work toward it.


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