Take Control of Your Discipline without Yelling


  1. Give a caution.
    If the child does not obey, take away their electronics without debating or trying to make them obey.
  2. Notice when one is getting mad.
    When one is getting angry, it is important to step away from the situation before shouting.
  3. Abandon the thought of winning a power struggle.
    It is essential to let go of the idea that one needs to win a power struggle in order to discipline their children.
  4. Recognize the errors you keep repeating.
    Take some time to think about the mistakes you keep making and why you keep making them.
  5. Examine the source of the mistakes.
    Once you have identified the mistakes, try to understand the source of why you keep making them.
  6. Construct plans to stop repeating the same mistakes.
    Construct plans to stop yourself from repeating the same mistakes. This could include changing your environment, setting reminders, or seeking help from a professional.
  7. Take action.
    Put the plans you have created into action. Monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.


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