Sustain your focus on tasks by eliminating distractions

Before you start working on anything, eliminate as many sources of distraction as you can. This includes calming your mind and keeping it that way, as emotions can often hijack the mind and make returning your focus to your task seem impossible. With practice, however, you will be able to develop this skill and it will be very useful in the long run.


  1. Make your environment conducive for focus
    Ensure you have everything you need before you start your work - your laptop, charger, notebook, pen, etc. 
  2. Opt for sources of learning that are easiest for you focus on
    Can you focus better on books or videos? Do you prefer your education to be more unstructured or would you benefit from a structured course? Choose the option that makes it easiest for you to focus without getting distracted.
  3. Calm your mind
    Negative emotions, restlessness and daydreaming will disrupt your focus; a clear, calm mind is necessary for ultralearning. Whenever you feel a negative emotion start to break your focus, make a mental note of it, then let it go.


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