Shatter the most common financial myths.

There are plenty of people who believe these financial myths to be true, and they end up losing a lot of their hard-earned money for it! Shatter these and turn to methods of money management and investment that actually work, and you will notice your financial success begin to creep in at the door.


  1. Stay away from “experts” who claim they can handle your money better than you can.
    Money management and financial success do not come from a third party who handles and invests your money for you, as people like this are usually scamming you. Typically, these third parties demand service fees and claim it is only a “small price to pay” for the returns you could get.
    Instead of relying on them, learn to handle and invest your money yourself, and you’ll see much greater returns.
  2. What you see is not always what you get; always try your hardest to get out of a bad situation.
    Many times, you may be told that the market is bad or your investment fell through due to chance. The next time you are faced by these thoughts, ask yourself, “What can I do about it?”
    Figure out what you can do, then do it.
  3. Some annuities are bad—stay away from them.
    For example, variable annuities are bad, as you will just end up paying excessive and additional fees. To identify whether an annuity is good or bad, get a review from an annuity specialist (some of them even do complimentary reviews if you’re a first-time customer!).


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