Regularly evaluate your overall direction

It’s easy to get caught up in a series of bad decisions, it’s why the poverty cycle exists, or why recidivism rates are so high. This is known as tunneling, and it happens when you focus more on the problem than a lasting solution. When you spend all your energy on solving problems as they crop up, you simply don’t have any leftover time to tackle the issue causing those problems in the first place.


  1. Ask yourself whether you are reacting to problems or preventing them
    Think carefully about the last week. What was your typical workday like? Did you feel like you were constantly putting out fires, or were you making decisions towards a larger goal?
  2. Ask yourself, “Why does this problem keep happening?”
    If you notice similar problems happening on a regular basis, ask yourself why this is so. There is definitely an underlying issue that needs to be tackled to effectively fix the problem.
  3. Remind yourself to keep moving forward
    When you feel stuck or are presented with a difficult decision, remind yourself of your key objective: to keep moving forward. 


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