Prioritize the things that yield high returns.

To get more things done means to get the really important things done. On level 3, leadership is not only about doing more but about doing things that matter. It’s important to learn how to prioritize time, tasks, resources and even people.


  1. To focus on things that are important, use the Pareto principle.
    Ask yourself, “What 20 percent of your tasks will bring 80 percent of your results?”
  2. Ask yourself these three questions to determine the most important 20 percent of your tasks:
    1. What is required of me? (What I must do.)
    2. What gives me the greatest return? (What I should do.)
    3. What is most rewarding to me? (What I love to do.)
  3. Help every person in your team to be in a place where they do mostly “should do” and “love to do” tasks because this is where they are most effective.
    In order to accomplish this, you must truly know the weaknesses and strengths of your people.


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