Manage your stress and anxiety.

Having high expectations or ambitions is adopting a self-centered attitude (i.e., “I want this”). This can cause you to be unrealistic about your ability or the reality you live in, and it will only lead to unhappiness and frustration when you are unable to fulfill those desires.

Instead, understanding your capability will allow you to make rational decisions regarding your goals, and you will be more likely to achieve them and achieve happiness too!

Another mindset that leads to fear and anxiety is viewing yourself as different from others—either more or less special than them. It is important to understand that you have no reason to be worried about this, as you are the same as seven billion others! When you understand that you are part of this community, you will be able to relate to the suffering of others and use it to draw strength to survive your own suffering.


  1. Lower your expectations and ambition.
    Stress and anxiety arise from being unable to fulfill expectations or achieve ambitions.
  2. Set achievable goals—goals that help you achieve what you truly need.
    Understand your capabilities and skills, and set goals that you will be able to realistically achieve. Center these goals around your needs, not your desires.
  3. View yourself as one with others.
    Understand that you are part of the human community; you are not less or more special than anyone else.
  4. Draw strength from the suffering of others.
    When you are undergoing a painful or stressful situation, realize that others have gone through similar situations and survived. You can too!


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