Manage your sadness and grief.

Many of us tend to either ignore our emotions and allow them fester inside of us, or wallow in negative emotions and go down a depressive path. Following the above steps will ensure neither scenario occurs to you, so you will be able to lead a happy and healthy life.


  1. Express your emotions.
    You can even shout out your sadness and pain—it will bring you back to normal. Do not lock them up and/or pretend like they are not there, as this will cause them to fester.
  2. Do not get swallowed by your grief.
    Grief and sadness are normal human responses to loss. However, it is important that we do not get swallowed by it. Instead of focusing on the loved one you have lost, or on yourself, realize that many others have gone through similar losses. Take comfort in that fact, and draw strength from their experiences to move on from your own.
  3. Show your humanity to others who are suffering.
    Instead of wallowing in despair for all those in the world who are suffering, understand that you are all connected—you are all part of the human community! Remember that there is plenty of good in the world to combat the bad, and that even the smallest effort you make to help others is appreciated.


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