Manage your envy.

Envy is an emotion that will disturb your happiness and peace of mind. Therefore, you must avoid it right from the beginning. This emotion typically arises when you are too focused on material possessions instead of true inner values. The above steps will help you slowly move your mind away from a materialistic mindset, so you can achieve true happiness.


  1. Count your blessings.
    Be thankful for the things that you have, instead of being envious of others who have things you do not.
  2. Use your envy to motivate yourself to do better.
    Instead of remaining envious of someone who has more than you do, push yourself to improve your situation, so you can achieve all that that others have and more!
  3. Ask yourself why you want whatever it is you are envious of.
    Why do you want a house with many bedrooms when there are only going to be two or three people living in it? Why do you want that big luxury car when a small electric car is much more environmentally conscious?
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