Learn the manipulative tactics used by businesses.

Manipulations work when enticing customers to buy a certain product. However, they are not very good at inspiring brand loyalty. Overall, loyal customers will bring in more profits, as well as reduce marketing costs.


  1. Lowering the prices of products
    Lowering prices is extremely effective in attracting customers. However, the challenge is ensuring you stay profitable. Customers used to paying a low price will be reluctant to pay more for the same product in the future. Plus, your business will likely feel significant pressure to keep dropping prices in a downward spiral.
  2. Using promotions to make your product/service more attractive
    When two products are very similar but one is on promotion - for example, with a free item - customers will tend to opt for it. Other promotions such as rebates tend to be complicated to fill out and can lure some customers to pay full price for a product that they were only interested in because they thought they were getting a lower price. 
  3. Creating ads that inspire emotional responses in customers
    There are three key emotional responses that make a customer highly likely to choose a product: fear, hope, and pressure. For example, ads such as “Do you have x product? Your neighbor has!” make consumers fear missing out, “In six short weeks, you can achieve your dream figure!” gives them hope, and “Four out of five dentists recommend x product” peer pressures them into buying that product.


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