Keep your child on track by ensuring they can complete tasks appropriate for their age.

All the above tasks are extremely important for your child to know—without them, they will be lost in the adult world. Ensure your child learns age-appropriate skills by following the lists above, and they will mature at an appropriate rate.


  1. Children aged 2–3 should be able to complete the following tasks:
    Put their toys away.
    Dress themselves (with some help from their parents).
    Put their clothes in the hamper when they undress.
    Clear their plate after meals.
    Assist in setting the table.
    Brush their teeth and wash their face with assistance.
  2. Children aged 4–5 should be able to complete the following tasks:
    Know their full name, address, and phone number.
    Know how to make an emergency call.
    Perform simple chores such as clearing the table after meals, feeding pets, bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry area, etc.
    Identify monetary denominations and understand the concept of money.
    Brush their teeth, comb their hair, and wash their face without assistance.
    Choose their own clothes to wear.
  3. Children aged 6–7 should be able to complete the following tasks:
    Mix, stir, and cut with a dull knife.
    Make a basic meal (e.g., a sandwich).
    Help put the groceries away, wash the dishes, straighten up the bathroom after using it, make their bed without assistance, and other similar chores.
    Bathe unsupervised.
  4. Children aged 8–9 should be able to complete the following tasks:
    Fold their clothes.
    Learn simple sewing, care for outdoor toys such as their bikes, use a broom and dustpan, help create a grocery list, take written phone messages, help with watering and weeding flower beds, take out the trash, and other similar chores.
    Take care of personal hygiene without being told to do so.
  5. Children aged 10–13 should be able to complete the following tasks:
    Stay home alone, go to the store and make purchases on their own, use the washing machine and dryer, change their bedsheets, look after younger siblings, mow the lawn, learn to use basic tools, and other similar chores that require a level of independence.
    Read labels.
    Use the oven to broil or bake foods.
  6. Children aged 14–18 should be able to complete the following tasks:
    Change the vacuum cleaner bag, clean the stove, unclog drains, fill a car with gas, add air to and change a tire, and other similar chores.
    Read and understand medicine labels and dosages.
    Interview for and get a job.
    Prepare and cook meals.
    Make regular doctor and dentist appointments.
    Understand finances (and be able to manage theirs), as well as basic contracts for apartments, car leases, etc.
    Schedule oil changes and basic car maintenance.


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