If you are in an introvert/extrovert relationship, use these tips for better communication with your partner.

Oftentimes, communication is the biggest issue with introvert/extrovert relationships. This is largely due to the fact that introverts and extroverts communicate in different ways: extroverts tend to vocalize what they feel, but introverts tend to show it through subtle social cues.


  1. Recognize that introverts are not antisocial and extroverts are not prosocial.
    Introverts and extroverts simply socialize differently; introverts are not necessarily antisocial, and extroverts are not necessarily prosocial.
  2. Express your feelings and try to understand your partner’s feelings.
    Most introverts find it hard to express their feelings, while extroverts rarely have a problem with it. However, it’s often difficult for these opposite personality types to understand this about each other. If you are an introvert, do try to express your feelings. If you are an extrovert, be patient if your introvert partner has a hard time communicating what they feel.
  3. When you get into an argument, consider if it’s due to your conflicting personality types.
    Many introvert/extrovert couples get into arguments that just boil down to their conflicting personality types. Keep this in mind, and during the next argument you get into with your partner, see if you can achieve a compromise that satisfies both personality types.


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