Give your children the freedom to think for themselves so they can develop critical thinking skills.

Encourage independence in your child by helping them develop critical thinking skills. When you give your child the freedom to make decisions, to solve problems, and most importantly, to explore and understand the world around them, you are in fact helping them develop critical thinking skills!

These skills will be instrumental in helping them lead a functioning, healthy adult life in the future.


  1. Refrain from overprotecting.
    Be honest with your children—don’t try to shield them from all the negative aspects of life. Let them take risks, acknowledge their faults/mistakes, and let them fall every now and then.
  2. Refrain from over-directing.
    Give your children the freedom to make decisions for themselves! Allow them to solve their own problems and decide the course of their own life. The next time they make a mistake, encourage them to come up with a solution and/or face the consequences.
  3. Refrain from hand-holding.
    Allow your children to complete tasks on their own. For example, let them try to do all their homework by themselves before they come to you for help. Let them resolve conflicts and interact with others by themselves.
  4. Guide your children to understand the what, how and why of situations.
    Encourage your children to ask the question, “Why?” When they come to you with a story, ask them questions to help them gain a deeper understanding of the situation.


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