Find a high-quality leisure activity that is beneficial to you.

Cultivating quality-leisure activities is essential to a life well-lived. It also brings you closer to yourself which makes you more human and provides you with deep satisfaction that is hard to replace. Doing strenuous activities as leisure will motivate you and be more rewarding as you will feel relieved and sleep soundly. Quality-leisure activities can also be known as rich social interaction. These will provide you with a sensory and social richness that is lost through virtual connection. Rich and structured social interaction helps to give you the freedom to express yourself.


  1. Prioritize a demanding activity over a passive activity.
    Demanding activities are beneficial to you. Activities that are important and beneficial to you are strenuous (physical/mental) such as hiking. Passive activities are activities such as watching television that might bring you comfort but don’t improve you as a whole.
  2. Craft valuable things in the physical world that will bring you satisfaction.
    Use your skills to create something valuable. This does not have to mean physically making something—it also can be a high-value behavior such as playing a song on an instrument or dominating a sports game. Due to technology, people have lost the outlet of self-worth. Crafting allows an escape from this.
  3. Have rich and structured social interactions in the real world.
    There are two traits for rich social interaction:
    1. You must spend time with other people in person. 
    2. The activity must provide some sort of structure that you have to follow such as rules, insider terminology, and shared goals. Activities such as playing board games, poker, and sports are good examples.


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