Develop Self-Awareness and Team Player Attitude


  1. Be mindful of feelings of entitlement and prioritize giving over taking.
    Take note of any thoughts that suggest a sense of entitlement and remember that life isn't always fair. Decide how to react to disappointments and focus on giving, not taking.
  2. Be open to learning.
    Acknowledge that there is still much to learn and be willing to learn from your colleagues.
  3. Make a list of desirable behaviors.
    Create a list of behaviors that your employer would want to see from the best employees and assess how many of those behaviors you are exhibiting.
  4. Change your perspective.
    Reframe your thoughts to recognize the value of long-term employees and don't think of them as "stupid".
  5. Be humble.
    Don't brag and make demands. Be humble and don't assume the world owes you anything.
  6. Focus on your efforts, not your importance.
    Instead of focusing on how overqualified you may think you are, concentrate on your efforts. There is always room for improvement.
  7. Accept criticism graciously.
    If someone gives you feedback, don’t be quick to say, “Well, that person is stupid.” Their feedback is based on how they perceive you, which is likely to be different from how you perceive yourself. Be willing to evaluate criticism and consider whether you want to modify your behavior.


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