Determine how you are going to learn your skill of choice

Taking the time to research and determine how you are doing to learn your skill of choice can save you a lot of time and effort down the road. When you distinguish between the aspects of your skill that are essential to learn first, those that can be mastered later, and those that you don’t need to worry too much about, you’ll learn more effectively.


  1. Research the most common methods people use to learn this skill
    For example, if you want to learn a subject taught in schools, look up the curricula. If it’s a nonacademic skill, start looking up famous people who are known for it, or just do general Google searches on it. You’ll certainly find relevant courses, articles and guides on how to learn the skill.
  2. Tailor your method to your specific goals
    For example, if you want to learn French before your next holiday to Paris, focus more on learning the correct pronunciation over spelling. You could also consider learning how to speak only before learning how to read and write - breaking a skill down like this is especially useful when it is a difficult one.
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