Create effective questions to get actionable answers.

Effective questions turn our minds in a direction that can lead to new insights and solutions. They highlight hidden assumptions and indicate directions to make progress. Vagueness and abstract components in the question will lead to a feeling of being lost or overwhelmed. If the questions we ask are clear and concise, then the path to the answer will automatically unfold.


  1. Get rid of the habit of trying to answer abstract and vague questions.
    For example, "How can I become successful?" is a vague question because success is subjective. Instead, define what success means to you practically, and then work on determining the skills and habits required to achieve it.
  2. Ask yourself, "What's the real question here?" and identify the purpose of solving the question.
    "How can I ace my exams?" is not an effective question because exams are a compilation of questions on the knowledge you have learned. Instead, the real question is, "How can I learn and understand effectively?" By answering that question, you will automatically succeed in acing your exams.
  3. Be careful not to include bias or hidden assumptions in your question.
    Unnecessary variables in the question will narrow your thinking and limit your creativity. Be mindful of the components that make up your question before working on the answer.


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