Reduce your workload burden so you can focus on the most important tasks

The biggest barrier to productivity is being spread too thin - however, a heavy workload often creeps up on you before you even realize it. Nipping this in the bud is the only way to ensure you have sufficient time and energy to dedicate to the tasks that truly need your input. 


  1. Be more selective when it comes to making decisions
    Ask yourself, "Is this exactly what I am looking for?" If the answer is no, say no to it. If you're unsure, write down three extreme criteria the decision has to meet for you to say yes to it. Or, use the 90% method where anything that does not meet 90% of your requirements is a definite no.
  2. Cut your losses when necessary
    Ask yourself, "If I hadn't already invested in this project, what would I invest in it now?" Think about all the things you could do with your time and money if you cut your losses now. Get a second opinion from someone not involved. Most importantly, admit your failure so that you can get up and try again something more effective.
  3. Proactively eliminate distractions
    Don't get involved in other people's problems. Focus on your tasks, and set clear boundaries with your coworkers.


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